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Our Tournaments

Monthly Tournaments

This is an online open tournament where the winner is our monthly champion. It is a one week tournament were from Monday to Friday players try to qualify to the final round. Final round are played during the weekend

Rising Star Tournaments

This is an online tournament for group members whose Game Of The Generals mobile app rating of major and below. Design for new players who want to experience tournament play with the same level of competition.

The Masters

For group members whose Game Of The Generals mobile app rating of Lt. Col and above. Design for experienced players who wish for the highest level of competition and gain bragging rights among his/her peers.

Face To Face Open Tournament

Held monthly, this event gives group members a chance to meet face to face. Besides an open tournament, GG sets and other tokens are being raffled. One of the most anticipated event in our calendar.

Player Of The Year

Played online, this is the final tournament in our calendar. Monthly champion are asked to battle among themselves to find out who is this years champion.

Team Competition

An online tournament competition where players are asked to assemble their own team, create alliance and battle other team for the ultimate supremacy. Click Here For Tournament Format

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