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Online Team Tournament Format

The Tournament is open to all players, regardless of their skill level. A team registration fee of 150 pesos is collected, and this amount will be utilized for awards distribution following the tournament.

Team Composition

Each team consists of 3 players,  with a requirement of at least 1 rising star player (ranked Major or below). This rule provision aims to encourage new players to experience the tournament environment and provides them with an opportunity to learn from their more experienced teammates. Please click here for team composition guide.

Team Captain Role :

Each team should select their team captain whose main responsibilities are the following;

a. Serves as the single point of contact between the team and the tournament director. Only the team captain should raise any concerns related to the tournament.

b. Assign players which board they will play.

c. Collect payment for the team registration fee.

Elimination Round

Games are played in board groups, where the captains are tasked with nominating players for their respective groups. It's crucial to understand that these assignments are fixed for the duration of the elimination play, and the team captain must submit the board group assignments beforehand.

Within their board groups, players will engage in a single round-robin style format, competing against each other. The accumulation of points on all three players will determine the team's overall score.  Top 2 teams will advance to the Championship Round. In the event of a tie for the 2nd final slot, team captains will nominate a member from their team to represent them in a tiebreaker match. This match consists of a single game, and in the event of a draw, they will continue playing until a clear winner emerges.

Game Points

Team Points Total = Board 1 player + Board 2 Player + Board 3 Player

Championship Round

In the championship round, each player will compete against all members of the opposing team, and the team with the higher score will emerge as the champion. In the event of a tie in the team points total, a tiebreaker will be implemented. In this tiebreaker, the players on board 1 will compete against each other, as will the players on board 2 and board 3. The team that achieves a higher points total in the tiebreaker will ultimately emerge as the winner.

Awards And Prizes

Champion Team - 2400 Pesos + Individual Trophies + Certificate

2nd Place Team - 900 Pesos + Certificate

Rules And Regulations
Game Evidence After each game players are required to submit their game results;
Match History Screenshot
Game Played Reporting
Disconnection/Internet Connectivity Issue The game begins when any player makes the first move. If a player got disconnected during the game and fails to reconnect, it will be counted as a loss, resulting in their opponent being declared the winner.
Player App SettingsAll games will be played by the following app settings. It is important that we follow this settings to make sure the default tournament rules within the app is followed.
30 Moves Rule - For our tournament, 30 moves rule applies. For those who are not aware the rule was put into place by the game inventor himself. Basically what it state is that “If no challenge is made after 30 complete moves from the start of the game, the player with more pieces past the mid-point of the board wins the match. if no piece has gone beyond the mid-point, or if there is an equal number of pieces beyond the mid-point, the game is automatically declared a draw.
Players Conduct - Generals League encourage all players to observe fair play during the tournament. Any player found cheating, taking advantage of tournament rule loopholes and other un-sportsman behavior will face disciplinary action.
Game Defaults - Players are encourage to start their games earlier than the stipulated tournament starting time if both players are available. However, no game results will be accepted after the stipulated cutoff time. Tournament organizers will strictly implement this and will not consider any reason behind the default. Kindly be aware of the timings. As a sanction for those who violated this rule you will banned to join the next two tournaments but will be eligible to join again after the ban period.
Default Player Game Result - In the elimination round , when a player default, all their remaining games at that stage of the tournament will be voided (0 points). This serves as a precaution for players who only login in during the last minute of the tournament and try to get a win by default.
Dispute Resolution - Our rules may not be perfect, and players may find loopholes in them. In the event of a player dispute, the tournament organizer will strive to resolve it as fairly as possible, and the organizer's decision will be final.
Registration Fee - Our goal is to create a sustainable tournament, and to achieve this, we will be collecting a registration fee. The registration fee will cover the cash prizes for the winners, and any remaining balance will be used to finance miscellaneous expenses such as our face-to-face tournament, an emergency fund to cover future tournaments in case the registration fee collected is not enough, and other related expenses. We will release a financial statement to ensure transparency and show how the registration fee is used.
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