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Arbiter Certification

To ensure high-quality standards for our tournaments, we are launching our Arbiter Certification Program. The test consists of 10 multiple-choice questions with a passing mark of 80%. Our goal is to ensure that candidates who pass the test are capable arbiters who thoroughly understand the rules of the game as originally envisioned by its inventor.

Taking our certification test can offer several benefits that enhance your professional capabilities, reputation, and opportunities within the sport. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting certified:

Certification demonstrates that you have met the necessary standards and possess the required knowledge and skills to officiate Game Of The Generals tournament. It provides formal recognition of your expertise, making you more credible in the eyes of players, and tournament officials.

Certified are are often given preference for officiating more prestigious and higher-level tournaments. Certification can open doors to further professional development opportunities, such as advanced training programs and workshops.

Certified referees are in higher demand, as leagues prefer to hire officials who have proven their competence through certification.
You may receive more tournament assignments and potentially more opportunities.

Certification courses often provide the most current information on Game Of The Generals rules and regulations, ensuring you are always knowledgeable about the latest changes.

Certification training boosts your confidence in making the right calls during tournament, leading to more authoritative and respected officiating. Players, and spectators are more likely to respect and trust the decisions of a certified Arbiter.

Pursuing certification shows your commitment to excellence and professionalism. Achieving certification is a significant personal milestone, giving you a sense of accomplishment and pride in your work.

To Certify

1. Send Email To jmnapiza@gmailcom

2. Pay 50 Pesos Exam Fee

3. Take Test

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