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In The Line Of Fire Tournament Format

The tournament is open to all members of the Generals League. It will commence on March 18 and run through until March 23. All matches will be conducted using the Mawkins Game Of The Generals mobile application. The tournament will follow a Swiss format, consisting of six rounds, with one round taking place per day. The top two competitors from the preliminary rounds will progress to the final stage, where the top seed will enjoy the advantage of needing to be defeated twice (twice to beat).

Tournament Format

The tournament will use Swiss system ( where participants play 6 rounds against opponents of similar skill levels. Players are paired against opponents with similar records, if you win a match, you're more likely to play against someone else who also won. If you lose, you're matched against someone else who lost. This continues for 6 rounds. The goal is to find the best players based on their performance across all rounds rather than just one game. After all the rounds are completed, Top 2 players are determined based on factors like total wins and tiebreakers.

Points Scoring
Tournament Schedule :

Round 1 - Monday (March 18 from 8am to 10pm)

Round 2 - Tuesday (March 19 from 8am to 10pm)

Round 3 - Wednesday (March 20 from 8am to 10pm)

Round 4 - Thursday (March 21 from 8am to 10pm)

Round 5 - Friday (March 22 from 8am to 10pm)

Round 6 - Saturday (March 23 from 8am to 10pm)

Finals - Sunday

Players are expected to allocate time for their matches. Since matches are held once a day, we request that players coordinate among themselves to determine the time for their matches within the scheduled window of 8 am to 10 pm.

Tie Breakers

In case of ties, the following tiebreaker methods will apply in a particular order

Direct Encounter - refers to the head-to-head result between players who are tied in standings. If two or more players have the same number of points after all rounds, their direct encounter results are considered to determine the tiebreaker.

Buchholz Cut 1 - refers to one of the methods used to break ties between players with the same number of points. It's a system that calculates the sum of the scores of each opponent a player has faced, excluding the lowest-scoring opponent. This method aims to reward players who have faced stronger opponents throughout the tournament, as it considers the strength of opponents faced rather than just the raw number of points earned. 


Buchholz Total - is a method used to break ties between players who have the same number of points at the end of the tournament. It's a system that calculates the sum of the scores of each opponent a player has faced throughout the tournament. It aims to reward players who have faced stronger opponents throughout the tournament. It considers the combined strength of opponents faced rather than just the raw number of points earned. 


Buchholz Median -  is a method used to rank players with the same number of points. Unlike Buchholz Total, which sums up the scores of all opponents, Buchholz Median calculates the median score of all opponents faced by a player throughout the tournament. Buchholz Median aims to reward players who faced consistently strong opponents throughout the tournament, considering the central tendency of their opponents' scores rather than just the total sum.

If the above tiebreakers do not resolve the tie, the following scenario will apply

A. In the event of a tie for first place, the finals will consist of a single game, where the winner takes all.

B. Tie for 2nd place - In the event of a tie for second place, the participants will continue playing until a clear winner emerges.


The goal is to pair players with with the same skill level. In the first round, players will be seeded based on their current ELO ratings. Subsequent pairings are based on players' current scores.

Players ELO Rating

Active players can find their ELO rating here. Those who don't have ELO ratings will be assigned based on their classification. Classifications are based on the highest rank attained in Mawkins, GL Player ratings (Generals League player ratings), and our familiarity with the player's skills.

Class A = 2100 to 2300
Class B = 1900 to 2099
Class C = 1500 to 1899


Awards And Prizes

Champion - 2000 Pesos + Trophy + certificate

2nd Place - 1000 Pesos + certificate

Top Graded Player - 500 Pesos + certificate (Graded players are players with an ELO of 2099 and below).

Game Played Reporting
Rules And Regulations
Game Evidence After each game, players are required to submit their game results;
Match History Screenshot
Disconnection/Internet Connectivity Issue The game begins when any player makes the first move. If a player got disconnected during the game and fails to reconnect, it will be counted as a loss, resulting in their opponent being declared the winner.
Player App Settings All games are recommended to be played with the following time settings. It's also important to select "Tournament Rules" and "Enable Chat" option to ensure that the default tournament rules within the app are followed. Rest of the options are optional.
If for some reason the recommended game settings were not followed, and the game has been completed, our advice is for the two players to discuss the game's outcome and decide whether to keep it as is or play it again. If, for some reason, they cannot agree, the following applies.
1. If the person who created the game loses, then the result will stand.

2. If the person who created the game wins, then the game has to be replayed.
30 Moves Rule - For our tournament, 30 moves rule applies. For those who are not aware the rule was put into place by the game inventor himself. Basically what it state is that “If no challenge is made after 30 complete moves from the start of the game, the player with more pieces past the mid-point of the board wins the match. if no piece has gone beyond the mid-point, or if there is an equal number of pieces beyond the mid-point, the game is automatically declared a draw.
Players Conduct - Generals League encourage all players to observe fair play during the tournament. Any player found cheating, taking advantage of tournament rule loopholes and other un-sportsman behavior will face disciplinary action.
Game Defaults - Game results will be accepted if the match began before the cut-off time, even if they end after the designated cut-off period.. (Formula : Time Ended - Duration = Time Started)

* Players who do not respond to chat messages from the tournament director or their opponents will be deemed to have defaulted for that particular round. We will not consider any reasons for lack of response.
* Players who agree on a scheduled time with their opponent but do not show up or request to reschedule their match will be considered in default.
* If, for any reason, both players fail to agree on a time schedule, then both of them will receive zero points for that round.

The tournament organizers will strictly enforce this rule and As a sanction for those who default, they will be banned from participating in the next two tournaments, but you will become eligible to join again after the ban period.
Pieces Reveal - While playing, viewers may ask to see your pieces. It's up to the player whether they want to show them. Our policy is simple: if you choose to reveal your pieces, it means you know the risk and accept them.
Dispute Resolution - Our rules may not be perfect, and players may find loopholes in them. In the event of a player dispute, the tournament organizer will strive to resolve it as fairly as possible, and the organizer's decision will be final.
Registration Fee - Our goal is to create a sustainable tournament, and to achieve this, we will be collecting a registration fee. The registration fee will cover the cash prizes for the winners, and any remaining balance will be used to finance miscellaneous expenses such as our face-to-face tournament, an emergency fund to cover future tournaments in case the registration fee collected is not enough, and other related expenses. 
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