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Angelbert "Vibe" Rimando Clinches Victory in Path Of Glory April 2024 Online Game Of The Generals Tournament


In a thrilling conclusion to the Path Of Glory April 2024 online Game Of The Generals tournament, GG enthusiasts witnessed a battle of wits between two outstanding players, Angelbert Rimando, known as Vibe, and Dennis Lemsic, famously recognized as rookdens. The finals were a clash of tactical mastery and unyielding resolve.

Played on Mawkins GG app, the online GG tournament, showcased the talents of 36 skilled players who vied for victory and glory. Among them were 16 graded players, all of whom showed potential and were hailed as the rising stars of the game, heightening the thrill of the contest.

Both Angelbert Rimando and Dennis Lemsic displayed exceptional skill and determination throughout the tournament, remaining undefeated until the finals. However, it was Vibe who secured the top spot, clinching victory with only one draw compared to rookdens' two draws. Winning the first game of the finals, which reduce the series into a winner-takes-all match, Rookdens looked to turn the tables in the subsequent game, but Vibe held on, resulting in draws for games 2, 3 and 4. In the fifth game, Vibe finally prevailed, exerting pressure on Rookdens' defense, which ultimately led him to resign.

The format of the finals provided a "twice to beat" advantage for the top spot, intensifying the stakes and raising the level of competition. Spectators were on the edge of their seats as each move could spell victory or defeat for the finalists.

In recognition of their remarkable achievements, substantial prizes awaited the winners. Vibe claimed the championship title along with 1500 pesos and a trophy. Rookdens secured the second spot, earning 500 pesos, while the third-place finisher received 300 pesos.


Additionally, special recognition was given to the top graded player, who received a well-deserved prize of 200 pesos for their outstanding performance throughout the tournament.

As the tournament concluded, organizers expressed their gratitude to all participants and spectators for their enthusiastic support. They also extended an invitation for more players to join future tournaments, aiming to foster growth and camaraderie within the Game Of The Generals community.

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