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2nd Face To Face Open Tournament Format

The tournament is open to all Generals League members, regardless of their skill level. It is scheduled on Sept 9, 2023 at Open Kitchen in Mandaluyong City.

Group Stage

The group stage will commence promptly at 10:30 AM. A 30-minute grace period will be allowed for players arriving late. By 11:00 AM, no latecomers will be allowed to participate.


Registered participants will be divided into four groups. Group seedings will be determined by the player Mawkins app rank, Generals League player ratings and our familiarity with the players skill.


In the group stage, each group will participate in a round-robin format, where every player within the group competes against each other once. Victorious players will receive 2 points, a default win is also worth 2 points, a draw will grant 1 point, and a loss results in zero points. The top two players with the highest point totals from each group will advance to the quarterfinals in a cross-over knockout match format. In case of a tie, the player without a default win will advance to the quarterfinals. If there is still a tie, the player who won their head-to-head match will advance to the quarterfinals. If their head-to-head game is also a tie, then both players will compete until a clear winner emerges.

Quarter Finals

In the quarterfinals, the first-place player from Group A will face off against the second-place player from Group B, while the top player from Group B will compete against the second-place player from Group A. The same arrangement applies to Group C and Group D. All quarterfinal matches will be a knockout match. The winner of a match advances to the next round, and the loser is eliminated from the tournament.

Semi-Finals and Championship Stage

Just like in the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals round is a knockout match. The winner of the semi-finals will proceed to the finals, while the defeated players will compete for third place.

Awards And Prizes

Champion -  1,500 Pesos + Trophy+ Certificate + 5 rating points

2nd Place -  700 Pesos + Certificate + 4 rating points

3rd Place - 500 Pesos + Trophy + 3 rating points

4th Place and Quarter Finalist - 300 Pesos + 2 rating points

Rules And Regulations
Arbiters - Ronald Mirani and Eugenio Senar serve as the primary arbiters for the tournament and have the authority to enlist additional arbiters to assist them. Together, they also oversee the application of tournament rules and regulations and work to provide a consistent and equitable experience for all participants.
Players Conduct - Generals League encourage all players to observe fair play during the tournament. Any player found cheating, taking advantage of tournament rule loopholes and other un-sportsman behavior will face disciplinary action depende sa investigation ng tournament committe.
Default Player Game Result - In the group stage, if a player voluntarily defaults a game, all of their remaining games will be recorded as losses, and their opponents will be awarded a win with the same score as a regular win, which is 2 points.
Game Recording -It is forbidden to record a game through video, pictures, or written documentation, including taking pictures of player formations. This violation is considered cheating and will be dealt with accordingly.
Use Of Electronic Device - Players are prohibited from using cell phones or any electronic devices during the game, and we strongly encourage players to switch their phones to silent mode.
Player Classification Of Players- All players will be categorized into three groups based on a combination of factors: their rankings in the Mawakins app, their ratings in the Generals League, and our assessment of their skill level. These categories are as follows: Class A, reserved for expert players in the game; Class B, intended for advanced players who demonstrate potential and a deep understanding of the game; and finally, Class C, designated for new players and those who are in the early stages of learning the game's complexities.
Player Group Seedings - All registered players will be categorized into four groups on the same day before the tournament commences. The objective is to ensure an equitable distribution of Class A and Class B players among all four groups. We anticipate the participation of 20 players, with an even allocation of 5 players to each group. However, if the number of on-site participants cannot be evenly divided by four, the Class C players will be randomly assigned to the groups at the discretion of the tournament organizers.
Dispute Resolution - Our rules may not be perfect, and players may find loopholes in them. In the event of a player dispute, the tournament organizer will strive to resolve it as fairly as possible, and the organizer's decision will be final.
Registration Fee - Prior to the start of the tournament, it is mandatory for players to complete their registration fee payment. Our goal is to establish a sustainable tournament, and to achieve this goal, we require the registration fee. This fee will primarily cover cash prizes for the winners, and any remaining funds will be allocated to finance miscellaneous expenses, including those for our in-person and online tournaments, creating an emergency fund for future tournaments in case the registration fees collected are insufficient, and covering other related costs.
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