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Founder Of Salpakan Pilipinas Visit General League Tournament

Mandaluyong City , September 9, 2023– The much-anticipated "Game of the Generals" 2nd Face To Face tournament organized by Generals League received a significant boost with the visit of the manufacturer of GG sets and son of Ms. Tess Pasola, Tymone Gonzales. Mr. Gonzales, discussed his plan to launch "Salpakan Pilipinas," an initiative aimed at supporting and organizing "Game of the Generals" tournaments across the country.

Gonzales's visit was marked by a heartfelt address to tournament participants, organizers, and General League members gathered at the tournament venue. He expressed his admiration for the enduring popularity and of "Game of the Generals," a game deeply embedded in Filipino culture. It was also the perfect venue to promote Salpakan Pilipinas since founders of other GG groups, such as PhilGGO and UGGL, are also present and have participated in this tournament, demonstrating support and camaraderie within the GG community.

Tymone Gonzales of Salpakan Pilipinas addressing tournament participants and Generals League members

"Salpakan Pilipinas" is an ambitious project initiated by Tymone Gonzales to promote the love for "Game of the Generals" and encourage players of all ages to participate in organized tournaments. 

The project aims to provide resources, guidance, and support to local communities interested in hosting and participating in "Game of the Generals" events.

During his visit, Gonzales acknowledged the exceptional work of the Generals League, the organizing body behind the tournament. He commended their dedication and passion for preserving and promoting the game.

The Generals League, led by its officers and advisers, received a special audience with Tymone Gonzales. They discussed the future of "Game of the Generals" and how "Salpakan Pilipinas" could play a pivotal role in taking the game to schools, communities, and even international arenas.

Gonzales's visit to our tournament not only showcased his passion for the board game but also his commitment to supporting local initiatives that promote community engagement. "Salpakan Pilipinas" is poised to make a significant impact on the GG landscape in the Philippines, and with the endorsement and support of Tymone Gonzales, the future of "Game of the Generals" looks brighter than ever.

Stay tuned for updates on "Salpakan Pilipinas" and the exciting developments in the world of "Game of the Generals" as it embarks on this new journey of growth and innovation.

Impromptu meeting between Tymone and UGGL, PhilGGO and Generals League officers.

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