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"When Strategy Meets Community"

"igan" Estranghero

Tournament points are awarded to players as they advance through different stages of the tournament.

GenRiden Emerges Victorious in the March Online Game Of The Generals Tournament: A Tale of Resilience and Triumph


In the electrifying realm of online Game Of The Generals, where every click counts and every strategy matters, a remarkable narrative unfolded in the recent tournament, showcasing the essence of resilience and the thrill of triumph. Amidst the digital battleground, one player stood out, etching his name in the annals of competitive gaming – Flariden Dela Torre, famously known in GG world as GenRiden.

The tournament, structured around a rigorous 6-round Swiss system, tested the mettle of players from across the virtual battlefield. It was a journey fraught with challenges and unexpected twists, where victory wasn't merely about skill but also about tenacity and adaptability. click for MORE

Mat Isisdro, also known as RevoltloveR, emerged as the champion of the inaugural tournament in 2024. He defeated Elly Occidental, known as Occi, who had dominated the 6-round Swiss system elimination, earning him a 'twice to beat' advantage. Leveraging his experience and strategic prowess, RevoltloveR persevered through their intense battle, which extended to four games, two of which ended in draws. In the competition among GRADED players, Elyong615, or Roger Clemente, claimed the special prize designated for participants with an ELO rating of 2099 and below.

Dixter Fajardo won the Battle Royale Face To Face Tournament. Our 3rd Face To Face Tournament this year. Read More

2nd Face To Face Open Tournament

Mat Isidro Wins The 2nd Face To Face Open Tournament.   more

Dixter Fajardo Is Generals League National Open Champion. Full results here

Salpakan Pilipinas

Tymone Gonzales Of Salapakan Pilipinas addressing Generals League members  more

The search continue for our March champion. Winners automatically qualify for our Player Of The Year Tournament

March Online Tournament

Upcoming Tournament\Events



We are Game Of The Generals enthusiasts who gather regularly to play a unique game developed by a Filipino inventor. We are diverse group of individuals who share a love for the game and are always eager to learn from each other new strategies and build lasting friendship. We enjoy friendly competition and the opportunity to exercise our critical thinking skills. It is also an excellent way for us to unwind and de-stress.

Our group welcomes players of all skill levels and we are always eager to share our love for this game to new members. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and supported. We believe that playing game of the generals should be a fun and enjoyable experience, and we do our best to ensure that everyone has a great time. We are proud to support the work of the inventor, Mr. Ronnie Pasola and continue his legacy and vision. We hope that with the advent of mobile app gaming more people will have the opportunity to play it and appreciate its intricacies. We look forward to welcoming you in our community.

How It All Started

It all started when we met through a mobile app version of Game Of The Generals developed by Mawkins Entertainments. We were all playing and chatting with each other while playing then the friendly asaran and kulitan spilled into the game lobby. More players got involved in these conversations then one day "Estranghero" the founder of our group  came up with the idea of meeting up in person to play the board game version. Having experienced face to face game and the joy and camaraderie it brings, we decided to hold this regularly in Quezon City Circle. It was the perfect venue since it was easily accessible and had a lot of space for our games. We started organizing face to face tournaments. The group grew larger and more competitive with each event.

As our group continue to grow, we also been organizing online tournaments for those who couldn't make it to the face to face events. This allowed us to connect with more GG enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

We hope to continue promoting this Filipino invented game and inspire others to discover the joy of playing it.

Our Vision

During the peak of its popularity, Game of the Generals was a common youth pastimes and even included in the physical education curriculum of schools. At one point, it was even featured as an event in UAAP where inter-collegiate competition took place and a national rating system for players was established. Our goal is to revive the game and bring it back to its former glory.

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You can reach us through the following method. Leave your Facebook account and we will add you to our group chat.


09918385220 (Estranghero)


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